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Here at Anorien, we have been involved with Aussies since the late 80's, even though our first Aussie didn't arrive until the early 90's. The intelligence, athleticism and drive of these dogs captured our hearts and have held us ever since.

During our early Aussie years we were incredibly fortunate to be befriended by some of the most knowledgeable Aussie people in the country. Little did I realize at the time, that some of those wonderful dogs I got to hang out with were truly 'greats' of this breed. The adoration between these owners and their dogs (superstars though they may have been) had such an impact on me that I have never forgotten the lessons that they taught me. After all, when the show is over, no matter what the results, this is the dog that you live with. I am forever grateful to the warm friendship, camaraderie and support that has been, and continues to be, given to me and my dogs all these years.

Here at Anorien, the dogs are what it's all about. All Anorien dogs and puppies are important members of our family. Whether they're sharing in the day to day chaos of raising a family, or keeping our feet warm at night, the Anorien gang are in the thick of it.

We are a small kennel that does extremely limited breeding. While we 'dabble' in herding and play in conformation, obedience is our first love.

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